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Streamlyne is UNM's electronic research administration system, replacing Cayuse in Fall 2022. All sponsored projects (grants, contracts, and subawards) are entered, routed, and approved in this system. Streamlyne also handles IRB protocols for Human Subjects Research and Conflict of Interest disclosures.

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Training Resources

Research Compliance Modules

greyarrow.png IRB module

greyarrow.png  COI module

Project Development Module

Proposal Types   doc-icon.png   Using Streamlyne Proposal Development Templates

All Proposals. Streamlyne record required for all proposals.

Quick Proposal. Letters of intent, white papers, pre-proposals, unfunded agreements, & no-cost award modifications.   doc-icon.png   Quick Proposal Overview

checkmark doc-icon.png Proposal Submission Checklist

Tutorials and Documentation

Proposal: First Steps



Additional Resources

Getting Started Guide

Logging in & Action List Overview



Additional Resources

Getting Started Guide 

Checking Proposal For Errors


Additional Resources

Getting Started Guide
Proposal Submission Checklist
Signing PI Award Acknowledgement



Additional Resources

Getting Started Guide

Approving & Routing Proposal



Additional Resources

Submitting a Proposal for Review
Approving a Proposal
Proposal Submission Checklist

Creating a Budget

For both (S2S) & Non-S2S (5:50)


Additional Resources

Budget Overview

Budget: Cost Sharing

For both (S2S) & Non-S2S. (3:15)


Additional Resources

Budget Overview

Budget: Subaward

Adding subawardees for both (S2S) & Non-S2S (8:20)

Additional Resources

Adding a Subaward to a Project
Proposal, Sponsor, & Program Information

Budget: Modular (NIH only)

Setting up a modular budget in the amount of 250K per period. (4:53)

Additional Resources

Budget Overview
Full Detail Budgets for (S2S) Proposals
Retrieving Opportunity to Set Up Proposal



Additional Resources

Proposal, Sponsor, & Program Information
System-to-system (S2S) Proposal Submissions Forms & Attachments Basics



Additional Resources

System-to-system (S2S) Proposal Submissions Forms & Attachments Advanced



Additional Resources

System-to-system (S2S) Proposal Submissions Budget Overview



Additional Resources

System-to-system (S2S) Proposal Submissions
Budget Overview Budget: Personnel



Additional Resources

Identifying Key Personnel
Budget Overview

Searching for Migrated Proposals & Awards from Cayuse


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Guides (detailed documentation)

doc-icon.pngGetting Started in Streamlyne
Navigating Streamlyne, creating and managing proposals, using searches.

doc-icon.pngIdentifying Key Personnel
Adding UNM and external key personnel, managing project roles, using the address book, editing person details and unit affiliations.

doc-icon.pngProposal, Sponsor & Program Information
Identifying project, sponsor, solicitation, deadline details. Adding sub awardees and performance sites.

doc-icon.pngSpecial Review
Projects involving human subjects, animal subjects, cybersecurity requirements. Conflict of Interest integration.

doc-icon.pngBudget Overview
Basics of creating a budget and identifying budget parameters. Overview for both (S2S) and Non-S2S budgets.

doc-icon.pngSystem-to-System Proposal Submissions
Loading a sponsor solicitation. Proposal attachments and forms.

doc-icon.pngFull Detail Budgets for System-to-System Proposal Submissions
Creating a line-by-line budget and/or modular budget for submission through Review “Budget Overview” guide first.

doc-icon.pngProposal Submission and Routing
Submitting your proposal for internal review, OSP review process, routing and approvals.

doc-icon.pngQuick Proposal Overview
Types of Quick Proposal requests (pre-proposal, whitepaper, letter of intent, post-award modification, unfunded agreements).

doc-icon.pngReporting User Manual (from Streamlyne vendor). Manual for report administrators, writers, & viewers.

UNM Video Training


Demo: creating a Streamlyne proposal ( submissions, 1 hr)